Our Story

MAVerick is not just a clothing line: it is a movement.

MAVerick is about men standing with the women and girls in their lives and lending their voices to ending violence.  It started with a passionate dad wanting to ensure a better world for the women and girls in his life.

The original MAVerick, Joe Palko, wanted to wear something that showed his commitment to ending violence.  He wanted to ensure that women and girls live in a world where they are assured of safety, dignity, respect, and opportunity.  So, every Friday, he wore the original white MAVerick hoodie as a sign of that commitment.

When you buy MAVerick clothing you are letting the world know you are a change-maker. And you are making real, impactful change. Revenue from apparel sales will fund One Spark's Entrepreneurship Program, which provides barrier-free opportunities for women experiencing violence to generate income through self-employment.

Additionally, MAVerick will provide barrier-free employment for women impacted by violence: employment that will allow them to meet their immediate financial needs as they transition to violence-free lives.

In short, the MAVerick apparel line is both a movement for change and a real solution to helping women live in safety and be free of violence.