We need men to speak out against violence against women.  Dads, brothers, partners, cousins, uncles, grandpas, co-workers, friends: we need you to say it’s not ok.  We need you to be a MAVerick.

The Maverick campaign started with one dad believing that it’s time for the violence to end and wearing a white hoodie every Friday as a sign of his commitment to speaking out about violence against women. He did it for his wife and daughters.  You can do it for the women and girls in your life, and for women and girls around the world.


1.Wear a white hooded sweatshirt as an individual or with a group/team to show that you are a MAVerick, a Man Against Violence against women.  Post your white hoodie pictures on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) using hashtags #BeAMaverick #onespark

2.If you don’t have a white sweatshirt and/or want to support the work of One Spark, which helps women impacted by violence to work towards financial sustainability, purchase one here. All proceeds will go directly to One Spark programs and services that help to ensure women impacted by violence have the financial means to live free from abuse. 

3.Use social media and your MAVerick pictures to start a conversation about ending violence against women, particularly with other men. Use your influence with other guys to #BeAMaverick.  Be a changemaker for the women in your life, and for women and girls around the world.

Being a Maverick is about taking on an issue that affects women both close to home and globally. It’s about making sure women are safe from violence. It’s about guys having a conversation they might not otherwise have.



When you purchase a white hoodie from One Spark, you are not only meaningfully engaging in the #BeAMaverick campaign, you are directly supporting women that have been impacted by violence and are on a journey to violence-free lives.  One Spark’s programs are focused on a vision of a world where no woman faces financial barriers to living a life without violence.

One Spark’s signature Entrepreneurship Program works with women to develop a business idea in order to generate self-employment income.  The program assists women with identifying and developing a business idea, writing a business plan, registering the business, and understanding basic business accounting and government reporting. Every woman who completes the program receives a gently used laptop as well as business start-up subsidies worth up to $2,000.  The goal of the program is to break down as many possible barriers for women seeking financial independence and sustainability.

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#Be a

Join with other Mavericks to show the world that we are not going to tolerate violence against women any longer.  Take a picture in your white hoodie and post it with the hashtags #BeAMaverick, #OneSpark and #WhiteHoodieFriday.  Be an example of just how black and white this issue truly is.

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Being a Maverick is about guys having an important, impactful and ongoing conversation: it’s about you opening up that conversation in the circles you influence.  It’s a long-term commitment to bringing about change.  Be sure to check in for regular updates on all the ways you can #BeAMaverick.  Stay connected through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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